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Medieval Warfare I.1 The rise of France: the War of Bouvines

Wydawnictwo : Karwansaray
Seria : Medieval Warfare
Rok wydania : 2011
Wydanie : I
Nakład : bd
ISSN: 2211-5129
Stron : 58
Format : 210x297mm
Oprawa : miękka
Język: angielski

Stara cena:29.99
Towar niedostępny

Spis treści:
Introduction: Dirk van Gorp, "Introduction to the theme"
Theme: David Balfour, "King John's victory at Mirebeau, 1 August 1201: Triumph and disaster"
Theme: Martijn Cissen, "The Philippiad as a source for the Battle of Bouvines: history in poems"
Theme: Arnold Blumberg, "The royal English navy during the War of Bouvines: fleets of King John"
Theme: Sidney E. Dean, "The Battle of Bouvines, 27 July 1214: the oriflamme vs. the eagle"
The Weapon: Tobias Capwell, "Four medieval swords in the Wallace Collection: the Sword as a work of art"
The Castle: Dirk van Gorp, "The beginning of the end: the fall of Chateau Gaillard"
The Battle: Peter Konieczny, "The mongol conquest of Hungary: the unstoppable horde"
Special: Stephen Pollington, "The role of horsemen in Anglo-Saxon warfare"
Weapon Handling: John Clements, "Part I: rings of steel: swords against armour"




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