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A History of The Crusades I-III

I. The First Crusade
II. The Kingdom of Jerusalem
III. The Kingdom of Acre

Autor: Steven Runciman
Wydawnictwo: Penguin Books
Seria: Modern lassics
Rok wydania: 2016
Wydanie: bd
Nakład: bd
ISBN: 978-0-241-29877-0, 978-0-241-29876-3, 978-0-14-198550-3
Stron: 320 + 436 + 467
Format: 125x195mm
Oprawa: miękka
Język: angielski

Stara cena:163.80
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Opis wydawcy:
I. An enthralling work of grand historical narrative, Steven Runciman's A History of the Crusades overturned the traditional view of the Crusades as a romantic Christian adventure, and instead shifted the focus of the story to the East. With verve and drama, volume one of Runciman's trilogy tells the story of the First Crusade - from its unlikely beginnings in pilgrimage to the horrors of the siege of Jerusalem and the carving out of new territory on the edge of the eastern Mediterranean.
II. There was magic about. Saladin himself was troubled by terrible dreams' Steven Runciman's unrivalled history of the Crusades is a classic of learning and vivid, compelling storytelling, which brilliantly brings to life the personalities, battles, massacres, triumphs and follies of these epochal events. In this second volume of his trilogy Runciman tells the story of the foundation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the disastrous, bloody Second Crusade and the inexorable rise of the crusaders' nemesis, Saladin.
III. Steven Runciman's triumphant three-volume A History of the Crusadesremains an unsurpassed account of the events that changed the world and continue to resonate today. This final volume of the trilogy begins with the glamorous Third Crusade and ends with the ruinous collapse of the crusader states and the degeneration of their ideals, which reached its nadir in the tragic destruction of Byzantium.




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