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The History of Poland. A Nation and State between West and East

 Autorzy: J. Kłoczkow, A. Radzimiński, S. Roszak
Wydawnictwo: Adam Marszałek
Seria: nd
Rok wydania : 2013
Wydanie : bd
Nakład : bd
ISBN: 978-83-7780-857-3
Format : 160 x 225 mm
Oprawa : twarda
Liczba stron: 318

Stara cena:48.99
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The main idea behind The history of Poland A Nation and State between West and East was to combine both scientific and educational qualities, as well as enable researchers and students to establish contact with the history of both the nation and the state. Professionals will be able to refresh the events, phenomena and European processes, seen from one state's perspective: Poland's.The country is situated in the heart of Europe and its history was always inseparable from changes occurring on the continent. For students and foreigners visiting Poland the book will be an invitation to discover our rich tradition.

Spis treści:

In the middle ages
1. The origins of Poland. First monarchy of the Piast dynasty
2. Second monarchy of the Piast dynasty
3. Political, social andeconomic changes in Poland
4. Kingdom of Poland under the rule of the last Piast monarchs
5. The Kingdom of Poland under the rule of the House of Anjou-Naples
The land and the people
1. The construction and development of the Nobility State
2. The age of wars
3. In the shadow of great powers
4. Anation without a state
In the reality of the 20 Century
1. The Polisdh question during World War I
2. The Second Polish Republic
3. Polish lands under occupation
4. Poland in the years 1944-1956
5. Poland during the years 1956-1989
6. The structural and political transformation of Poland after the 1989 turning point

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